ATFX Welcome Credit Bonus - $100

ATFX Welcome Credit Bonus -  $100
  • Promotion Type: Trading Bonus
  • Promotion Period: Jan 01, 2019 - Dec 31, 2021
  • Promotions: $100

What is ATFX $100 Welcome Credit ?

ATFX gives 100 USD (EUR or GBP depending on the base currency) to trades which is fully available for trading. It will support your trading directly with extra margin.

By accepting the terms and conditions of the promotion, you will receive the welcome credit bonus of $100 into your trading account instantly.

Promotion Type Deposit Bonus (Welcome Bonus)
Available for Traders of Philippines and Indonesia
Promotion Period December, 31 2021
Bonus Amount 100 USD, EUR or GBP
Account Type Only MT4 Standard account type
Use of Bonus for trading purpose Available immediately
Withdrawal of Bonus Available after trading 6 standard lots
Required deposit amount $200

How to get ATFX $100 Welcome Credit ?

1. Open a live trading account with ATFX

Go to the account opening page of ATFX and open a MT4 standard account.

2. Deposit at least $200 and accept Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to receive the bonus, you must deposit at least $200 (in USD, EUR or GBP) within 14 calendar days after registration is completed.

ATFX requires $100 as the minimum deposit amount for the standard account type, but the promotion requires $200.

When making a deposit, make sure to read and accept the terms and conditions of the promotion “ATFX $100 Welcome Credit”.

Login to ATFX’s Client Portal

3. Get $100 Welcome Credit instantly

Once your fund is arrives to ATFX’s side, ATFX’s fund management team will credit the fund into your MT4 trading account as soon as possible.

When the fund is credited into your trading account, the bonus amount ($100) will also be credited together.

The bonus will be available for trading immediately.

4. Trade at least 6 standard lots

The ATFX’s $100 Welcome Credit is available for trading at first.

To be able to withdraw $100 Welcome Credit as your profit, you must trade at least 6 standard lots in the account.

This volume requirement must be met within 30 calendar days after making the first minimum deposit.

ATFX $100 Welcome Credit promotion only counts tradings of CFDs, Forex, precious metals and commodity futures for the calculation of the withdrawal requirement.

Withdrawal Conditions of ATFX $100 Welcome Credit

Once you completed 6 standard lots within 30 calendar days, ATFX will change the Welcome Credit to withdraw-able funds at 6:00 am in the next trading day.

ATFX does not restrict fund withdrawals for participants of $100 Welcome Credit promotion.

You can use them for further trading or withdraw your funds at anytime you want.

FAQs of ATFX $100 Welcome Credit Promotion

Here are frequently asked questions regarding to ATFX’s $100 Welcome Credit promotion.

Who can receive ATFX’s $100 Welcome Credit?
All traders of ATFX can receive the $100 Welcome Credit. The bonus may not be available for traders in some countries due to regulatory reasons.
Why I don’t see any promotions in the official website of ATFX?
ATFX has multiple brands under the AT Group. The brands are ATFX in UK, in SVG and Mauritius. For some brands, the promotion may not be available.
Is there time limit to use ATFX’s $100 Welcome Credit for trading?
No, you can use ATFX’s $100 Welcome Credit for trading as long as you want. To withdraw the bonus, the requirement must be met within 30 calendar days.
Can I receive ATFX’s $100 Welcome Credit for multiple times?
No, ATFX’s $100 Welcome Credit promotion is available only once per trader. If you have already received the bonus, you may visit ATFX Official Website to find other available promotions.
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